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Alabama Accordion Association


















Due to the construction at the Clanton Church we had to hold our July meeting at the Brentwood Baptist Church. I couldnít be more pleased with the facilities and graciousness we were received. In fact, I think the facilityís layout provided a more advantageous arrangement for our group and activities. The little stage and sound system helped the overall acoustics in the room. I hope that we can continue holding our meetings at this beautiful facility in the future.

††††††††††† As Sandy Hughes announced Rachel passed away soon after our July meeting. Myra also lost family members as well. We mourn the loss of our friends and family and pray for our members who are hurting.

††††††††††† Want to apologize for the length of the July business meeting. The meeting delayed the lunch which was not a good thing. We had tabled the Accordion lesson agenda item in May and that took a lot of time to work through. Will be more cognizant of the time in the future.

††††††††††† Pleased to see Mandy Reeve attend and play at the July meeting. It had been several years since we had rhe pleasure of seeing and hearing her play. Want to say a warm welcome to Danese, our new member, who provided a pretty good performance for a new player. You can tell she has a musical background with other instruments.

††††††††††† For those members who were not able to attend the club voted to approve a motion of supporting a national effort to fund a new accordion chair/program at Samford University. Craig has already completed all the respective paperwork and approval of the teaching curriculum is now based on $3.5M in pledges. We will discuss in more detail at the next meeting how we can get the word out for pledges.

††††††††††† I ask you to volunteer to present different aspects (educate) of the accordion at our quarterly meetings. To attract younger students/players, we need to promote the accordion in our respective communities. I will personally support these events no matter where it might be in Alabama.

†††††††††† Our next quarterly meeting is scheduled for 13 October 2018. If approved we will hold the meeting at the Brookwood Baptist Church: 3449 Overton Rd, Birmingham, AL 35223. Understand for some people this will be closer and for others this will be a little farther away. Please plan accordingly.

††††††††††† Please provide us feedback as we finalize the details of the 13 Oct meeting. God Bless.




Frank Caravella