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Alabama Accordion Association


















I am extremely pleased as the last two meetings have been quite invigorating for the members. Our move to Brookwood Church has provided a clean and warm environment for us to enjoy each otherís company and performances. The church has been generous and not charged us for the use of their facilities. I didnít feel comfortable using those facilities for free so I made a motion and the club officers approved a $25 church donation for every meeting we use the church facilities.

††††††††††† So happy to welcome our two new members, Ron Jaxon and Daniel Burque. Both are capable accordion players and we look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

††††††††††† There are number of things that I can point to that made our January meeting special. The orchestra group performances are improving, and I look forward to the groupís upcoming performance in May. Craig and Keith began the performance schedule with a wonderful arrangement of O Holy Night. Compliment both the arrangement and performance. For the second meeting in a row, Bettyís group played a piece that melded into a beautiful performance. I highly encourage Bettyís students to continue challenging themselves for each other and the orchestra if you are a member.

††††††††††† I am always encouraging members to extend and challenge themselves in their performances. I am happy to see that Jake took that challenge and played a C system accordion for the first time. Reid had played the Irish jig in the past, but he wanted to get it right and I compliment his much-improved performance of that lively jig.

††††††††††† I canít comment on every individualís performance in this message, but I do appreciate the increased passion in your musical performance. When the performer enjoys playing the music, the audience gains.

††††††††††† All thanks to Joe Gauthier who provided us a well-informed class on the FR-8x accordion operating modes and sounds. I am looking for others to consider presenting a class at our April meeting.

††††††††††† I must add a thank you to Danese and Ron who were kind enough to provide the tango demonstration while I played La Cumparista.†† In that vein, I recommend AAA members consider attending the 26 January Birmingham Milonga from 7-10 PM at Handworks, 3234 Cahaba Heights Rd., Bíham, Al 35243. I will be the guest performer and plan to play a number of different tangos, bossa nova, and Rhumba pieces. I will also demonstrate various set sounds on the FR-8x accordion. I think these types of venues and developing musical sounds will be the future of the accordion.

††††††††††† Our next meeting is slated for the first Saturday in April (6th). In preparation for our orchestra performance at the May concert, the orchestra practice will start at 9AM (one hour earlier) that day so we can spend extra time practicing and improving our two-piece performance. I ask all to practice and be prepared to play Semper Fidelis and the second piece to be announced by Martha.

††††††††††† Lastly, we will be announcing the pledge campaign for the Samford accordion curriculum/endowment.



Frank Caravella