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Alabama Accordion Association


















At the October meeting we didnít clarify the nominations and postings of the new officers of the Alabama Accordion Association for 2018. All former officers (treasurer, etc.) except for the President were reconfirmed for 2018. I was asked to consider the President position and agreed to lead the group next year if the membership voted accordingly. A vote was taken while I was practicing upstairs which led to member confusion. That vote was meant to be binding for 2018. However, during our next meeting in January I will reopen the discussion to ensure the membership is satisfied.

††††††††††† As I discussed near the end of last meeting, there are 3 goals I would like to focus on in the upcoming year and request your support.

1 Ė Help everyone grow as a musician. To support this goal, I will be offering short classes at each of our meetings and encourage others to offer their expertise as well. I will also be offering anyone in the group accordion lessons either in person or via skype.I canít do this for free given the commitment, but will request $25/hr plus gas money if I need to drive somewhere. Will charge $20/hr for skype lessons. Lastly, I will offer my email and phone number to allow you to ask questions and allow me to offer encouragement. Cell:256-710-4133;

2- Promote the Accordion in our respective communities. To support this goal, I ask each of you to find a venue (school, church, etc.) that we can play, teach and share the accordion. To me itís about both the music and building relationships. Once you have the venue identified, we will work together to define the music/performance. At first, we will practice separately. I will travel to your location with intent to practice in the morning and perform in the afternoon or evening at the venue. My hope is that the audience will hear beginners as well as advanced performers from our group.

3- Promote and attend our Accordion Concert. Craig will continue to lead the event for the group. Ask that all of us support the event by promoting it in our respective communities and attending with as many people as possible.

The key to growing in anything in life is to challenge your self in that respective area. Our group promotes and enjoys playing the accordion. That is why I ask you to challenge yourself for every quarterly meeting. Learn a new Hanon exercise and a piece that challenges your current level of playing. As the new president, I need to set the example and challenge myself. We heard Michael Bridge provide an incredible performance this past July. My goal is to play as many of the pieces he performed as possible. I have the music for his opening number, Barber of Seville, and will do my best to play that piece in January. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, choose something that encourages you to become a better musician



Craig Funderburg