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Alabama Accordion Association

















Welcome to the
Alabama Accordionists' Association Website!

We are a group of happy accordion enthusiasts that meets so we can…

have fun with this versatile instrument!

Currently, we have members of all age groups and skill levels, and are always seeking to find more people who love to play the accordion, or just love to listen to accordion music.


The Alabama Accordion Association Presents


Cory Pesaturo




World Champion Accordionist Cory Pesaturo will be performing at the Birmingham-Southern College Hill Recital Hall on Saturday, May 19, 2018.


Don’t miss the opportunity to hear this outstanding accordionist perform!


The concert is free to all!



We are saddened about the passing of Four-Time World Champion Accordionist Alexander Sevastian earlier this month. He died in his sleep, apparently from a massive heart attack in Ajijic, Mexico, a few hours before he was due to give a concert with the Quartetto Gelato.

Internationally renowned accordionist Michael Bridge comments:

“I am heartbroken to share the devastating news of Alexander Sevastian’s death. He passed away on Friday afternoon in Mexico, due to a massive heart attack, at only 41 years old. He was on tour with his ensemble, Quartetto Gelato. He was a tremendous talent and a dedicated, hard-working man. He is survived by his wife, Anna, and son and daughter, aged 14 and 4.

My memories of Sasha begin when he won the Coupe Mondiale accordion championships in 2007, and I was a 14-year-old spectator. Originally from Belarus, he had won the Coupe for Canada and I was so excited! I was privileged to develop a strong professional relationship and good friendship with Sasha over the years. When he was unable, he asked me to take his place for a concert with Gelato, and he returned the favour taking my place in my ensembles several times.

I will also fondly remember Sasha’s characteristic 1 minute business phone calls (he would call frequently, usually with exactly one question). I do not feel I had the chance to adequately express to him how much he inspired me and how I admired him.

I pass on my deepest condolences to his family and friends around the world.”

Michael Bridge













AAA Concert Series

May 19, 2018

Four-Time World Champion
Cory Pesaturo


May 18, 2019

Five-Time World Champion
Grayson Masefield



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